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Electric dream

Power group chief wants to be ‘renewable energy doctor’ of Myanmar, helping the country unlock its potential.

19 June, 2018

Building bridges

Tycoon is devoted to raising the profile of Filipino-Chinese business community while also boosting Beijing-Manila ties.

11 June, 2018

The simple life

Vietnamese business leader places emphasis on sharing, avoiding luxuries, and mentoring young people.

04 June, 2018

The real luxury is inside the bottle

​China is leading Asia reviving the global wine trade that had hit the buffers over the years. Vinexpo head Guillaume Deglise tells Sun Feier he’s confident the growing army of mainland wine aficionados will take the industry to greater heights.

15 June, 2018

Yes, we’re on cloud nine and moving fast

​As Microsoft turns to artificial intelligence as its battle cry, tech veteran Cally Chan sees the digital transformation trend accelerating, helping to build a smarter, brighter Hong Kong.

08 June, 2018

A ‘Holiday Inn’ in the co-working space

The co-working space sector may have come of age as rivalry heats up. But, industry leader Ucommune is unfazed. Founder Mao Daqing tells Edith Lu their huge client base ensures that they’ll stay ahead of the pack.

01 June, 2018
  • Play Time

    Acclaimed artist Florentijn Hofman brings his inimitable brand of fun to Hong Kong

  • Avant-Garde Approach

    Miuccia Prada invites four architects to create items using black nylon fabric: the ultimate icon of the brand


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