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Global cost of coronavirus could reach US$4.1 trillion, ADB says

The ADB cut its 2020 growth forecast for Asia to 2.2% from 5.5% estimated in September last year, while China’s forecast was slashed to 2.3% from 6%.

April 03, 2020

China backs capital injections for small banks as global risks rise

A senior PBOC official said the central bank needs to make a more complete evaluation before taking a decision to change the rate paid on bank deposits.

April 03, 2020

Domestic investments set to sustain growth

Chinese firms, especially those involved in agriculture and daily necessities are stepping up investment at home to further bolster economic growth.

April 03, 2020

Unmasking the resilience of nation's manufacturers

The speed of China's manufacturing industry has again amazed the world, as automakers & electronic-item producers quickly changed tack to make masks.

April 03, 2020