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IPCC: Setting the record straight once and for all

Granville Cross says that the police watchdog’s report debunks myths generated by the protest movement and its crude attempts to besmirch the police force.

20 May, 2020

New national security law will provide real safety and stability to the SAR

Tony Kwok explains why this new law is necessary and predicts it will be very reasonable and far less severe than comparable legislation in many Western countries.

27 May, 2020

Threats won’t stop ‘one country, two systems’ being implemented

Ho Lok-sang says the attack by the US on the national security law is truly hypocritical.

27 May, 2020

The national security law for SAR something that is long overdue

Andre Vltchek tells critics to compare proposed legislation with those practiced in certain Western democracies, such as the 18 US Code Chapter 115.

26 May, 2020

Don't lose confidence in 'one country, two systems'

Anyone whose heart is in the right place should agree “one country, two systems” is the fruit of brilliant political wisdom and is unmatched in serving its purpose.

28 April, 2020

Growing and glowing — all in a power game

CLP Group’s growth into a regional electricity giant has been synonymous with the nation’s economic miracle. CEO Richard Lancaster tells Edith Lu the Bay Area’s push will keep the torch burning.

25 October, 2019

Trading giant a partner in economic miracle

Fung Group grows to gain international stature along with the People’s Republic of China with the national development strategies and goals.

18 October, 2019

Italian corp an avant garde for green practice

As the idea of cutting the carbon footprint in business has been embraced by more companies globally, CEO of Maintetti tells Pamela Lin why and how they are spearheading the green campaign.

09 August, 2019


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