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Stigma lingers after S. Korea abortion ban overturned

S. Korea is set to legalise abortion but women's rights campaigners have warned those who undergo the procedure will still be "punished in the eyes of society".

April 19, 2019

Belt and Road Forum 2019 – Expectations and opportunities for Malaysia

Minister Ong Kian Ming expressed his views on opportunities for Malaysia from the upcoming Belt and Road Forum 2019 slated for April 25-27.

April 19, 2019

Heritage site or home? Indigenous Thais fight for right to forest

Hundreds of indigenous Karen people in Thailand face evictions from a national park that authorities wish to turn into a World Heritage Site.

April 16, 2019

Iraq seeks to reclaim leadership role, status in Arab world

After decades of conflict, Iraq is seeking to reclaim a leadership role and status in the Arab world with a centrist policy.

April 15, 2019