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HK Police: Violence only begets violence, it's never a solution

HK police force said if protesters didn't resort to violence, the police wouldn't respond with force as in the case of demonstrations in the past weekend.

August 19, 2019

DPP warned against sheltering violent HK activists in Taiwan

The spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office said the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan are openly claiming to make Taiwan a 'safe haven'.

August 19, 2019

HK employment rises for first time since 2018

HK saw its unemployment rate for the period from May to July increase to 2.9%, the first increase since the first quarter of 2018, according to the government.

August 19, 2019

Lui calls for dialogues to address HK problems

Hong Kong philanthropist Lui Che-woo said the riots have harmed the city's economy, and mutual understanding is needed to solve problems.

August 19, 2019